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DOSAGE: 1 Capsule per day at the same time every day as this supplement has a half-life of twenty four hours.

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  • Powerful anabolic effects
  • Enhances strength
  • Improves bone density
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Joint healing effects

If you aren’t familiar with Ostar-Condition, it’s considered to be one of the safest and mildest of our compounds, mainly due to many positive users experiences and studies.

This supplement increases the levels of proteins and nitrogens in the system, which are the main building blocks for musculature. Because it selective in its modulating, it targets the bone and muscle receptor cells. For that reason, it’s an excellent choice for developing and protecting muscle tissues without added water retention.

While cutting, athletes are usually at a calorie deficit. That means that they expend more calories than they intake. That can put hard earned muscle mass at risk. If you want to protect your muscles and metabolism, you can combine a high protein diet with Ostar-Condition. This will result in fat loss, and will help in gaining lean muscle mass.

For cutting, you can stack it with Andar-Shred for better and quicker results.


There are multiple benefits from using Ostar-Condition. Overall it’s a really great compound that can assist you in multiple ways. You will see people use Ostar-Condition for cutting, bulking and even recomping. That is why Ostar-Condition is so great, you are able to use it for every goal. Whether it be cutting fat or gaining muscle, Ostar-Condition is a great alternative to both. 


Research is on-going to determine the effects of Ostar-Condition on cancer patients and elderly persons that experience muscle loss and muscular dystrophy.
For instance, a clinical trial with Ostar-Condition was conducted with a healthy group of 120 elderly individuals who were given 3mg of Ostar-Condition per day for 12 weeks.
At the end of the trial, the individuals experienced improved fitness and more lean muscle mass than before.
The group that was given 3mg gained a total of 1.3kg lean body mass (2.8 lbs).
The most notable fact was that they also lost 0.6kg (0,3 lbs) fat mass whilst on Ostar-ConditionSo they gained muscle and lost fat.At the end of the trial, the individual’s experienced improved fitness and more lean muscle mass than before.
The group that was given 3mg gained a total of 1,3kg lean body mass (2.8 LBS).It’s important to note here that no steroid-like side-effects or risks were observed, and Ostar-Condition only works when taken in the mentioned dosage, while lower doses don’t show the same effects.

In another clinical trial, 159 cancer patients were split into two groups, with one given 1mg of Ostar-Condition and another 3mg of Ostar-Condition per day for 4 months.At the end of the trial period, both groups showed increased lean muscle mass without any adverse side effects.

In yet another study, rats that were given Ostar-Conditionorally showed that the body easily assimilates and distributes this supplement. Results also showed that it’s quickly eliminated through detox pathways.With that said, large-scale studies have yet to be conducted to show the effects on Ostar-Condition on cancer patients that are experiencing muscle loss.


It’s common to experience poor bone health as we age due to the deterioration of bone-protective sex hormones in the body.
This often leads to conditions like osteoporosis and other bone diseases. One way to fight such deterioration is to improve bone mineralization and increase muscle mass. The latter is even more important because muscle mass plays a huge role in strengthening the skeletal system and improving bone strength.
Ostar-Condition has a whole host of benefits to offer including the prevention of bone diseases and promoting speedy recovery from bone fractures.


A clinical study involving 120 healthy subjects of advanced age showed that Ostar-Condition can help lower bad HDL cholesterol levels as well as blood fats like triglycerides.
These results were based on a daily dosage of 1 to 3mg per day which helped to maintain healthy lipid levels. This is crucial for the prevention of heart disease, and these results show us that Ostar-Condition may be a good idea for heart disease sufferers who are dealing with muscle wasting.


Based on the same study mentioned above, Ostar-Condition can lower blood glucose and increase insulin resistance. These are the same effects that anti-diabetic drugs like metformin show. Additional research is required to prove the benefits of Ostar-Condition on metabolic syndrome and diabetes but the data is promising.


Injuries are an unavoidable aspect of training and often happen as a result of using the wrong training methods, having an improper recovery routine, and/or overtraining.That’s why it’s so important to keep the structure of the joints protected, and you can do this by strengthening the tendons and ligaments and maintaining proper form while lifting. This will help you continue training hard and challenging yourself without running into unnecessary injuries. Thanks to its bone-strengthening properties, Ostar-Condition has been used to heal osteoporosis and even prevent injuries. The most beneficial dosage of Ostar-Condition to take when treating injuries is 12.5 mg per day. Some researchers will also combine it with Growth Complex 677.


A lot of bodybuilders prefer to use Ostar-Condition during the cutting phase because of its superior muscle protective abilities. To get the most out of it though, you need to use up more calories than you consume.

Make sure to eat a protein-rich diet to help maintain lean muscle mass, prevent calorie deficit and maintain a high metabolism. When you combine this strategy with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) you’ll constantly burn fat and achieve your goals faster.

However, it’s important to avoid getting a low metabolism as that will make it doubly hard to burn fat. At the end of the day, you want to protect your metabolism and muscle mass as much as you can during the cutting phase.


Research shows that taking just 1 to 2 mg of Ostar-Condition for 12 weeks can increase lean muscle mass by 3 lbs. without maintaining a strict exercise or diet regime.

This shows that Ostar-Condition can increase lean muscle mass on its own without any dietary changes.

For the best results during the bulking phase, it’s recommended to take this compound in dosages of 15mg to 25 mg per day for 4 to 6 weeks.

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