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DOSAGE: S4 should be dosed twice per day for maximum results (8am-4pm)

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  • Highly Anabolic
  • Muscle hardening effects
  • Promotes lean mass
  • Reduces estrogen
  • Increases vascularity
  • One of the most effective fat burning compounds on the market
  • Great for cutting or gaining lean muscle mass

    Andar-Shred is a compound developed by a company named GTX Inc. It’s main purpose to be used in treatment against muscle wasting.

    This compound works in a different pathway than most performance-enhancers. When we look at Andar-Shred, it has unique properties compared to most compounds.

    This compound gets compared to performance compounds such as Winstrol and Anavar, mainly because it’s known to be as effective.


    Andar-Shred directly binds to the receptors responsible for fat loss reduction and lean body mass production.
    This compound helps to oxidize the fat in the body, this property was what made bodybuilders and athletes start using it as a safer alternative than banned performance enhancers.
    It does not aromatize and thus prevents the excess release of estrogen and does not cause negative side effects like high blood pressure or problems with the cardivascular system.


    Andar-Shred is like a milder version of Winny. It’s really strong at low dosages of 25 to 50mg. Despite it being a quite mild compound, it’s one of our best.

    You will see a lot of researchers stack Andar-Shred with Ostar-Condition to create a synergic effect. Especially during a caloric deficit, these two products can help you hold onto your muscle mass while dropping bodyfat and conditioning you simultaneously.

    Andar-Shred is used for pretty much everything. Cutting, bulking or recomping is no issue with this compound.

    In a cut, you can definitely expect it to help you tight and vascular. It’s known to increase strength and mass even though you are consuming fewer calories.

    In my opinion, Andar-Shred really shines when bulking.

    Within a week or two you will start gaining a lot of strength and size. Even at a lower dosage of 50mg.

    And the great thing is that this compound is considered being a clean compound. You won’t be having any water retention or bloat during a bulk.


    Andar-Shred can be run solo or stacked with other compounds. This seems to be very effective when it comes to enhancing results.

    If you do insist on stacking this compound, it’s suggested to do it with S9-CUT or Ostar-Condition for cutting, or with LGD, MK or RAD for bulking.

    As I mentioned, this compound is effective at low dosages. Even at 25mg, you can experience muscle building effects.So we would suggest breaking up your dosages to twice per day, morning and night normally works well and is easier to remember. Andar-Shred has a Half-Life of about 6-8 hours, so around 8 AM and 4 PM we have found is ideal.

    Most researchers will suggest starting with 25mg. From here on, you can gradually build up the dose to 50mg. You should not exceed this dosage because it is more than enough.

    You will some users experiment with higher dosages but they will experience more side effects.

    A typical Andar-Shred course will usually last about 8 weeks. No need to use it any longer without having a break first for about four weeks.

    Andar-Shred needs to be dosed multiple times per day as it has a short half-life of 6-8 hours.

    My advice would be to stay within the recommended dosage of 25 to 50mg. Anecdotal experiences tell us that this is considered to be the sweet spot for most researchers.